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promoting your community

Think of outreach marketing as the sales-centric approach to securing leases, building your wait-list, or just promoting your property. Whether your property is fully leased or you are struggling with occupancy, every community needs a few good outreach marketing pieces in their back pocket.

set your property up for success

All great marketing material starts with understanding and compiling the highlights of your property. Keep this in mind when selecting a flyer design.



Leasing Flyers are one of the best ways to showcase your property and provide prospective residents with an overview of what is offered and available. They are designed to be printed at your property if you have a color printer, or can be printed at a local print shop as a more cost effective option.

These typically highlight community amenities, unit features,

and basic floor plan information such as number of bedrooms

& bathrooms, and square footage.

Floor plan images or pricing can also be added to condense the necessities into one flyer.

Leasing Flyer

Stay in touch with current or prospective residents or get prepared for outreach marketing initiatives. Business cards are an important resource for everyday marketing. 

Business cards incur additional costs for printing and shipping. Please submit requests for all business cards at the same time so that we can bundle the shipping together for you.

Single or Double-Sided