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Target Unit Ideas

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target units

What is a Target Unit and how do I create one?

A target apartment is designed to help lease units that are difficult to lease due to location on the community, floor height, soft market, length of vacancy, or other valid reasons as discussed with your Regional Manager.

Target apartments must be completely turned and ready for immediate move in. They should be set up in a way to attract attention to the positive features of the apartment home and geared to current trends.

The RAM Marketing Intranet has pictures and slide shows of sample target apartments. The items/theme used should be something future residents can use, enjoy, and benefit from. Consult with your Regional Manager for an approved target apartment budget.

The idea behind the target unit is to show it on a regular basis and offer the items to the guest as a “free” gift if they lease that specific apartment.

The Community Manager must walk the route to the target apartment each morning to ensure all is in good condition and free of trash and debris. The Community Manager must inspect the target apartment every morning to ensure it is clean, organized, has a pleasant smell, the temperature is set at a comfortable setting, and everything is in good condition and proper working order. Blinds should be opened, and lights should be on.

At the end of the business day the target apartment should be secured, blinds closed, and lights turned off.

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